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To customers who want to purchase

from outside Japan

Please make sure to read the following before purchase.
◯About the art pieces

The actual color and texture of item may look different depending on a monitor, OS, or browser you use.

◯Payment methods

The payment can be made only by credit cards or PayPal, which will be charged in yen.


The following credit cards are available to use.

VISA / Master / AMEX


Your order will be shipped from late January to early February 2021. 

The shipments will be done by EMS (Express Mail Service) or DHL. 

Delivery Area by EMS
China, SouthKorea, Taiwan, HonKong, Macau, Thai, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech,Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Finland, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal

Due to the effects of the COVID-19, there are restrictions on EMS delivery.So for areas other than the above, DHL will deliver.
*If the shipping cost is much higher than the set shipping cost when you actually send the work, we may charge you the difference separately.

*We are afraid you cannot choose a courier company.

*The box may be damaged due to the inspection by custom.

◯Return, exchange or cancellation of your order

We do not accept any return nor exchange of items for all the overseas sales.

We do not accept any cancellation after shipping your order.

Please check the items as soon as you receive your order.  Any marks, breakage, misdelivery or any other faults in our ends, please let us know within 3 days after the delivery.

If the item is damaged during shipping, please notify us by email within 3 days and then contact the shipping company immediately. After we receive a report from the shipping company about the damaged work or damage, we will refund the full amount of the work including shipping cost.  We will not handle any claims which are not dealt within the timeframe mentioned above.  Please inspect all the items when delivered.  Please contact us by email for any questions.
Please make sure to input a name of the country and zip code for delivery of your order.The re-shipping cost due to your mistake of inputting delivery address will be charged again.  Please be sure to input a correct address.

◯Receving your order

There are cases that the delivery is considered to be done when the package arrives at custom or post office of each country or when you are not home when delivered.  Thus, please be sure to track the status of the delivery   with the tracking number on the slip.

◯Contact us

Please contact us by email if you have any questions.

(Japan time: 9:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m. Irregular holidays)








VISA / Master / AMEX

















また、配送中に商品が破損した場合については、3日以内に Eメールで弊社にご連絡いただいたあと、直ちに配送会社にご連絡ください。破損した作品や損害の報告を配送会社から当方が受け取った後、送料を含めた作品の全額を払い戻します。










(日本時間 9:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m.)

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