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和田朋子 Tomoko Wada






Born in Tokyo in 1986

Graduated from Tama Art University.  

Launched the glassware brand, “TOUMEI” with Baku Takahashi, a glass artist in Fukuoka in 2016.

『I believe that “materials” are especially important in terms of creating art work.   I work with mainly glass but also various materials such as wire netting, wood and rock which I pick up, even sometimes considered rubbish.  It is a simple procedure for me to pick up on a point that I find beautiful or interesting and then expand that idea.  I create my work while anticipating how such ordinary materials could transform into a brand new scenery which you have never seen before. 

One characteristic that can be found in many of my works is that of “ a space ” or “ a room ”.  I intended to create a space where you can appreciate the works in an entire room at an exhibition as well.  The works can then be enjoyed not only visually but also physically, being surrounded in such an enjoyable space.

Creating art work to me is the same as listening to music, picking clothes, or going for a drive for other people. It lifts my spirits up.  It is an essential act for me in my daily life.』

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